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Call and Visit Us
Jiu Jitsu Lab: 070-4234-5026
Join our Facebook group: Jiu Jitsu Lab in Busan, South Korea
e-mail Professor Aidan in English or KOrean at:
Join Naver Cafe:
After becoming a member at the Lab, we recommend joining our group on Facebook, Jiu Jitsu Lab in Busan, South Korea with posts in both English and Korean and stay updated with life related to the Lab and the Professor's career.
Also, you can Sign-up on Naver Cafe (a popular online social media tool used in Korea) at with posts in Korean for daily postings from the Professor and fellow students covering various topics, and to get the latest updates related to the Lab.
Please feel free to interact with Professor Aidan on and off the mats. English may be his second-language, however, he has strong capabilities in general communication as well as in teaching BJJ in English, so don't worry about being able to learn BJJ at the Lab. We have several students from various countries, at any given time, that train with us. Not to mention, there are a lot of KOrean students that speak English pretty well.
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