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Professor  Young-Ahm "Aidan" Noh


Youngam and Bernardo Faria
Youngam, Dong Hyun, Duke
Youngam with Marcelo Garcia
Jiu Jitsu Korea Cup
ADCC Asian Trials 2012
Youngam Noh No-Gi Competition 2
3 Long Rows at the Jiu Jitsu Lab
Morning Coffee Class
Jiu Jitsu Labers have the Most Fun
Aidan Modeling Multi
Team Jiu Jitsu Lab Wins Gold
Youngam and Andre Galvao
Article on Youngam Noh at the Abu Dhabi World Pro
Come train with the most accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete and Grappler in Korea.
Professor Youngam "Aidan" Noh is a certified black belt and IBJJF Member, recent repeat Gold   Medalist of the 2015 ADCC Asian & Oceania Trails held on May 24th. Won Gold   in the 2012 ADCC Asia Pacific Trials.
Competes regularly in IBJJF, ADCC, and Abu Dhabi matches all over the world.

76.9 kg

76.9 kg

Located just around the corner to Pusan National University.
The Lab is fully equipped. We have gis for purchase by height and large locker rooms. The mens locker room is up above on the 6th floor & the ladies locker room is on the 5th floor, right in the gym. There are multiple showers, hair dryers, & toilettries. There's a large fridge you're welcome to use & we have a huge flat screen that Prof. Aidan often uses for visual aid in relation to techniques taught in class. We have a cold/hot water dispenser for fill-ups. We do our best to make the Lab an inviting & comfortable place to train. You're welcome to pop in and check it out!
Call the Jiu Jitsu Lab: (070) 4234-5026
For English, ask for Professor Aidan/Noh Young-ahm please
Call Professor Aidan directly, in English: (010) 3690-5026
or Call Manager K.S. in native English: (010) 7664-4457

What differentiates the Jiu Jitsu Lab from the rest of the BJJ gyms in Busan:


  • You get to train under the best BJJ athlete in all of Korea. Really, all of Asia.


  • You get to train under an avid and accomplished competitor, which is great if you want to seriously up your game and compete yourself.


  • You get to train under someone that has trained in MMA, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Crossfit, various other sports , and has a Bachelor's in Physical Education, so you get a more well-rounded Professor that will provide you with guidance, expertise, and inspiration that you just won't get anywhere else. 


  • You can feel free to  workout at the Lab before or after class using the various equipment we have such as kettlebells, ropes, pull-up bars, yoga balls, and such so that you can get even more phyically fit.  Afterall, you need both strength and endurance to roll effectively.


  • You can actually communicate with your Professor in English. And we have many students you can communicate with in English which is important when you're trying to absorb special skills. A gym like this is rare in Korea.


  • Learning at the Lab doesn't stop at the end of class. Stay for a bit afterwards. Smooth out the techniques learned in class that day, drill, roll, or get in a good workout. The Professor is dedicated in his students and sticks around after class. Our students are passionate in BJJ so take advantage of that. Do BJJ as a hobby and just have fun with it, or train hard. It's all up to you. 

The Sky is the Limit at the Jiu Jitsu Lab.

open since January 2013
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